Jill S. Tietjen brings to her audiences her unique perspectives of engineer, community leader, and business professional. Her diverse clientele range from business organizations to universities to non-profit organizations.  She relates to the audience through examples and anecdotes, serious and humorous.


“Thank you for your inspiring and fun presentation. Your energy is amazing. Those of us who now own your books will enjoy them immensely. We enjoyed every minute of your talk.”

Mountain ReNDEzvous Chapter, NSDAR, Evergreen, Colorado  

Workshop Offering

Maximizing Your Potential: Thriving As Your Authentic Self in Today’s Workplace

If you’re looking to create your best life in a meaningful and authentic way, this workshop is for you! Through group exercises, breakout sessions, paired activities, individual activities, and live Q&A, Maximizing Your Potential will provide each attendee with actionable skills in their toolbox. Based on research and analysis of the skills that successful people put into practice to overcome the obstacles in their lives, attendees will learn from others in the workshop – building a real-time network – as well as through powerful stories in Jill Tietjen’s book Over, Under, Around, and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles.

In this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • break old habits and make new ones
  • enhance emotional intelligence
  • improve resilience
  • increase optimism
  • build a powerful professional network
  • expand your sense of humor
  • develop strategies to improve mental health and wellness 

This half-day workshop can be conducted at a venue most conducive to your talent development: on-site, off-site, at retreats/advances, conferences, expos, and conventions.


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Sample Speaking Topics

All of Jill’s speaking appearances are customized to meet the interests of her audiences. To provide some ideas, here are some recent topics and titles.

 Over, Under, Around, and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles

Everyone faces obstacles in their lives. Absolutely everyone. Through stories of Hall of Famers who overcame obstacles, Jill provides information on the lessons they learned to become stronger, smarter, and more resilient. Tips that anyone can use based on the ten skills these Hall of Famers invoked singly or in combination to overcome incent, murder, cancer, death of a parent, divorce, and much more inspire and uplight the audience. 

 Hollywood: Her Story

Women have been involved in every aspect of movie making since the early days of the industry. In fact, in those early years, women were involved in every part of it. The highest paid director in 1916 was a woman. Yet, when movies became big business, they were pushed out of many areas of filmmaking. Women continue to this day to try to reclaim all of those roles. The book on which this talk is based profiles more than 1200 women from directors to producers to stuntwomen to actresses and costume designers to screenwriters to composers. This talk pays tribute to the spirit, ambition, grit and talent of these filmmakers and artists.

Hidden Figures in STEM

They may be mostly invisible, but they have made major contributions to our way of life – historical and current women engineers and scientists.  Most of the public can only identify Marie Curie when asked to name a woman scientist.  Few know that her daughter Irene Joliot-Curie was also a Nobel laureate in the sciences.  From the safety of the food we eat, to the ability of everyone to use computers today, women have helped make our lives better.  It is time to honor women! See Jill giving a variation of this talk by clicking here.

The Power of the Women on Whose Shoulders We Stand

Women have been at the forefront of social reform in the U.S. since the country’s founding. They used five leadership skills that are beneficial for leaders in the twenty-first century to possess. The five leadership principles are demonstrated through examples of the women who came before us and who utilized vision, ethics and values, community, stewardship and passion.

Women Who Network Change the World

Networking is a key job and life skill that facilitates professional and personal progress and success.  This presentation includes an interactive piece where the audience practices networking in an effective and meaningful manner.  Examples of how women through history used networking to change the world including ending slavery and gaining the right to vote are incorporated.  

Failure is Impossible: The Legacy of Susan B. Anthony and the Suffragists

An overview of the evolution of women’s rights in the U.S. with a focus on women’s right to vote. Very few people know that it took 72 years of very hard work for women to win the right to vote. Women suffrage leaders are profiled and women’s accomplishments in the political realm since ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are described. 


“Every time I hear Jill Tietjen speak, I am struck by her positive energy and her ability to relate to the audience. She inspires and energizes her listeners; at the end of the talk, they end up crowded around her asking more questions.”

Ingrid Soudek Townsend, Charlottesville, Virginia  

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