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Jill Tietjen

Jill S. Tietjen, PE, is an author, international speaker, and an electrical engineer. After more than 45 years in the electric utility industry, her professional focus is now on women’s advocacy, worldwide.  A former blogger for The Huffington Post, she speaks nationally on the accomplishments of women, nominates women for awards, and continues to write books (12 published to date), following in the footsteps of her bestselling and award-winning books, Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America and Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies. Her latest award-winning book, Over, Under, Around and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles, (Fulcrum) was released in May of 2022. She is a frequent keynote speaker as her positive energy and her ability to relate to the audience result in inspired and energized listeners. She has been inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame and the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame and elected to the National Academy of Construction. 

Workshop Offering

Thriving as Your Authentic Self in Today’s Workplace

The woman behind the registration table was incredulous when I introduced myself as the lunch speaker. “I thought Duke Power was sending an engineer,” she said. All 5’2″ of me in skirt and heels had not conformed with her assumptions of what an engineer looked like. But I am an engineer! I learned to thrive as my authentic self throughout my 45+ year career. In this half-day workshop, I share some of my strategies for thriving that anyone can incorporate into their career and lives. Suitable for any employee, and especially valuable for early career and mid-career employees.

Showing up as our authentic selves leads to higher productivity, a higher level of job satisfaction and a better life for everyone. This workshop builds on each individual’s existing skills and provides them with stories, interactive exercises and resources to enable them to thrive in today’s workplace as their authentic selves. Specific skills that will be addressed during the workshop with tips for enhancement include:

Making New Habits and Breaking Old Ones

Emotional Intelligence



Networking and Social Support


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“I learned so much from her  and I feel like I have some knowledge to really help me feel empowered wherever I go. She was so great, and I would listen to her speak time and time again!”



Jill S. Tietjen brings to her audiences her unique perspectives of engineer, community leader, and business professional. Her diverse clientele range from business organizations to universities to non-profit organizations.  She relates to the audience through examples and anecdotes, serious and humorous.


Jill S. Tietjen has written 12 books to date, following in the footsteps of her bestselling and award-winning books, Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America and Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies. Her latest award-winning book, Over, Under, Around and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles, (Fulcrum) was released in May of 2022. 


“Jill Tietjen engagingly illustrates pragmatic lessons for success with witty, incisive and poignant anecdotes from her own life and work. She builds rapport with her audiences right from the start, and leaves participants feeling as if they’d just had an intimate chat with a trusted and valuable mentor, not as if they’d been lectured at. You’ll want to hear what Jill Tiejen has to say. You’ll walk away energized and confident, with several new ideas and approaches, and a better sense of how to achieve lasting success through connection, service, and strategic planning.”

Suzanne Franks, Kansas City, Missouri  

Latest Book

Over, Under, Around, and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles

Fulcrum.  2022. Order your copies here now.

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Recommended by The Denver Post. See the article here

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Over, Under, Around, and Through named a finalist in the 2022 International Book Awards – Biography Category. 

Over, Under, Around, and Through is a winner in Women’s Literature (Non-Fiction) for the 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. 

Middle school curriculum now available here

Inspiring experiences from true American Leaders. Encouraging and compelling stories – a must-read.

Lilly Ledbetter—Inspiration for the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” 

This is a must read that reveals and helps you understand the many women who solve the problems of their space, family, community, country and the world. Their tenacity, courage, passion, compassion and persistence are documented through these stories. The authors are authentic with intention…Enjoy! 

Carlotta LaNier, Congressional Gold Medalist; President, Little Rock Nine Foundation; Author: A Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School 

Concerns about mental health, exacerbated or identified because of the pandemic, are leading many people to look for ways to become more resilient and to face and work through the obstacles in their lives. Over, Under, Around and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles (Fulcrum Publishing) provides the secrets of how Hall of Famers overcame the obstacles in their lives to become stronger, smarter and more resilient.

This is a must-read book that inspires and challenges the reader to persist and not give up. Numerous tips for overcoming difficult times are provided. It tells the stories of numerous women who have met the challenges in their lives with determination, commitment, and purpose. 

Polly Baca, Trailblazing politician, and government and community leader 

Over, Under, Around and Through: How Hall of Famers Surmount Obstacles recognizes the incredible special abilities of women along with their dreams, hopes, disappointments, courage and triumphs. Their moments of history are the legacy for future generations. The women in these stories have demonstrated their inventiveness and their contributions of accomplishment should never be forgotten. I highly recommend this book for everyone to enjoy. A great book about great women. 

Hon. Elbra M. Wedgeworth, Former President, Denver City Council and Community Leader 

Everyone faces obstacles in their lives. Absolutely everyone. The stories in the book show how the fifty successful women, inductees into Halls of Fame in the U.S. and around the world, used ten key characteristics either singly or in combination to surmount the many obstacles that they faced in their lives: mental intelligence, emotional intelligence, social support, moral compass – spirituality, determination – perseverance – persistence, optimism, creativity, resilience, action-orientation, and passion.

I hope you enjoy these life stories. Some of them will enlighten you. Most of them, however, will serve to motivate you to come out of your shield of fear and defeat and finally enjoy the view from above the ceiling that kept you behind. 

Antonia C. Novello, MD, MPH, DrPH14th U.S. Surgeon GeneralNational Women’s Hall of Fame  Class of 1994 

Essential reading for women who want to have a successful career. It will serve as your roadmap.  

Temple Grandin. Professor of Animal Science Colorado State University and author of Thinking in Pictures. 

It is an honor to be included in this book which so beautifully reflects my own philosophy of “One Spirit, Many Voices.” Our lives reflect so many challenges, and there are times they may seem insurmountable. Yet when we join our talents and resources, uplifting one another and calling upon the strength of our diverse cultures and traditions, we realize we’re able to overcome adversity and accomplish amazing things. The stories offered here affirm that each of us experiences failure and tragedy, but the compassion and inspiration conveyed by these women reminds us to call upon the quiet wisdom of those around us.

–Cleo Parker Robinson, Founder and Artistic Director, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (since 1970)

I encourage you to share this book with everyone you know. This is truly a book for the times.